100% Virgin Material Black Uv Rated 0.35-7.5mm ABS Thermoforming Sheets Of Food Grade Plastic

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ABS sheet shows a good respectively excellent impact resistance, even at low temperatures. ABS has a good heat distortion temperature and chemical resistance. It has excellent thermoforming properties and can be used for various applications.

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ABS plastic is a terpolymer of acrylonitrile (a) – butadiene (b) – styrene (s). Its appearance is opaque and ivory. Its products can be made into various colors with high gloss. The relative density of ABS is about 1.05g/cm3 and the water absorption is low. ABS has good combination with other materials and is easy to be printed, coated and plated.

ABS sheet of type : ABS High glossy sheet ,ABS matt sheet, ABS weather resistant sheet , ABS UV resistant sheet , ABS fire resistant sheet , ABS light proof sheet, ABS Antibiosis sheet, ABS Textured sheet, ABS Double color sheet, ABS metallic sheet, ABS Transparent sheet.

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