colored acrylic sheets

  • color acrylic sheet

    color acrylic sheet

    1)  High transmittance up to 93%;
    2)  Light weight: less than half as heavy as glass;
    3)  Excellent weather resistance to against discoloration and deformation;

  • 4mm acrylic sheet for kitchen

    4mm acrylic sheet for kitchen

    Acrylic sheet is a lightweight, shatter resistant thermoplastic. The material is suitable for a wide range of applications such as display cases, picture framing, point of purchase displays, furniture, signage, privacy partitions and much more.

  • iridescent acrylic sheet

    iridescent acrylic sheet

    Acrylic Sheets can offered in Clear, Black, White, Grey, Bronze, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and more. It can laser cut .

  • black cast acrylic sheet

    black cast acrylic sheet

    Black Cast Acrylic Sheet is black plastic material with outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity. Acrylic sheet exhibits glass-like qualities—clarity, brilliance, and transparency—but at half the weight and many times the impact resistance of glass.

  • colored acrylic sheets

    colored acrylic sheets

    Colored acrylic sheets. In theory, any color can be made. The common acrylic sheet colors on the market are divided into two types: transparent acrylic sheet and color acrylic sheet. Clear acrylic sheet includes pure transparent sheet and frosted acrylic sheet;