extruded acrylic sheet

  • acrylic sheet 2mm

    acrylic sheet 2mm

    Extruded transparent acrylic board uses high-quality molding plastic PMMA of famous enterprises at home and abroad as raw material and adopts extrusion method for large-scale production with advanced equipment. The product has extremely small tolerance and high cost performance.

  • 1mm acrylic sheets

    1mm acrylic sheets

    1mm Acrylic Sheet extruded Acrylic sheets are manufactured by a continuous production process. Acrylic or PMMA pellets are fed from a containment silo to a feed hopper above an extruder line.

  • light diffuser acrylic sheet

    light diffuser acrylic sheet

    Light diffuser acrylic sheet, the PMMA diffuser has the optical characteristics of plastic sheets such as high haze, high light transmittance, high diffusivity, etc., which can effectively transform point or line light sources into soft and uniform surface light sources, under the premise of achieving good light transmittance , At the same time, it has a good light source lattice shielding property. It is an ideal optical material to solve the secondary light distribution of LED lighting products, and it is the best light diffusion material for LED lighting products.

  • extruded acrylic sheets

    extruded acrylic sheets

    1. construction: windows, soundproof windows and doors, mining mask, telephone booths, etc.

    2.ad: light boxes, signs, signage, exhibition, etc.

    3. transport: trains, cars and other vehicles, doors and windows

    4. Medical: baby incubators, a variety of surgical medical devices

    5. the public goods: sanitary facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics, frame, tank, etc

  • Acrylic plexiglass sheet

    Acrylic plexiglass sheet

    Acrylic also called PMMA is made of methacrylate methyl ester monomer. With the characteristic of good transparency, chemical stability, weather-ability, easy to stain, easy processing and beautiful appearance, It has been widely used in construction, furniture and advertising industries.